Senin, 04 Februari 2013

Are celebs with tattoos a bad influence?

Are celebs with tattoos a bad influence?

Tattoos have never been so popular. Tattoos are seen as fashionable and cool. However, the UK tattoo removal industry is booming as many grow tired of their tattoos or even have regrets from day one. 

Stars such as One Direction, Cheryl Cole, Robbie Williams, Biffy Clyro and many other have many tattoos and share each new design with their fans. They certainly influence the fashion. Are celebs with tattoos a bad influence?

Previous generations wore make up or started sporting long hair. It was so bad following celebrity fashion. The only thing you would be left with 20 years later are some embarrassing pictures. 

In 20 years, teenagers will be left with a lot more than embarrassing pictures. They will still have tattoos inspired by bands that they no longer listen to. 

Last month, One Direction had to deny rumors that they were encouraging their fans to get tattoos. However, many have already gone ahead and had a tattoo done! This sparked a debate over celebrity tattoos. Can they have a bad influence on teenagers? The reality is certainly yes. Many teenagers will have tattoos before they turn 18, despite the bans. 

Employers will learn to adapt and give jobs to candidates with tattoos. Everyone will adapt to be more tolerant of visible tattoos on face, hands, wrists, necks and other visible body parts. The less tolerant will be the ones with regrets, saving up to be able to afford expensive tattoo removal and try and get rid of a silly tattoo...which was a good idea at the time, when so and so was famous. 

Young people will always copy celebrities and try to emulate them. This is part of growing up and as long as the celebs keep posting pictures of new tattoos on Twitter, the fashion will grow.