Rabu, 04 Mei 2011

Royal Wedding Tattoo has the Wrong Date

A man has made the unfortunate mistake of getting the date wrong on his Royal Wedding Tattoo. Stephen Nesbitt, 33, wanted to have a new tattoo to celebrate the Royal Wedding. He went to his tattoo artist and asked for the text "Good Luck William and Kate" with the date "29th April 2011". He had the text tattooed on the top of his thigh and then realised that the tattoo artist had got the date wrong! His souvenir of the Royal Wedding is now going to turn into a long and painful tattoo removal session! Not exactly the happy souvenir he’d been waiting for.

Tattooist Alan Fleck, 35, from Newcastle had to refund the cost of the tattoo.

Stephen only realised the date was wrong later on in the day after having had the new tattoo done but said he doesn’t mind too much. He’s unsure whether he will have it modified or removed or even just leave it as it is.
Stephen said: "It's quirky. It'll be the only one in the country with that date."

However, it was such a perfect event and the bride (and her sister) looked so beautiful, I’d want to have a prefect tattoo to remember the special day when Kate Middleton and Prince William got married. Maybe he could do a cover up on the date and replace it with flowers. After all, flowers were part of the theme of the wedding and the wedding cake so it would be a good compromise.

Many people opted to have a street party for the Royal Wedding but a tattoo is also a great way to celebrate.

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