Selasa, 03 Mei 2011

The Hangover II Tattoo

If you’ve seen the movie "The Hangover", you’re certainly looking forward to laugh again when watching "The Hangover: Part II".

However, at the moment the movie is in a legal battle with a tattoo artist!

The tattoo artist who designed Mike Tyson’s face tattoo is suing Warner Bros. over the similar-looking face tattoo on Ed Helms' character in the upcoming comedy "The Hangover: Part II".

The tattooist, Victor Whitmill says he owns the rights to the face tattoo design. Mr Whitmill is asking for an injunction to stop the release of the movie sequel "The Hangover: Part II" is set to make its debut in the US on May 26.

It seems that Warner Bros. did not try to contact Mr Whitmill to obtain his permission in order to use the face tattoo design but why would anyone own a design? It’s not like a logo for a brand. It’s just art work. Then the traditional tribes in New Zealand and Fiji should be suing the world for the use of tattoo designs!

The original film was an international success. Let’s see if the tattoo artist can stop the second movie from a similar fate.

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