Minggu, 26 Juni 2011

Biffy Ckyro Singer Shows off Tattoos at Glastonbury

Ayrshire rocker Simon Neil, lead singer of the band Biffy Clyro, was showing off his tattoos at Glastonbury this weekend.

The band lead singer always goes topless when he’s performing because he gets so hot from boucing around. It's a great way for fans to check out his many tattoos. The band played at the pyramid stage on Friday and you can check out their performance on the BBC2 website.

Jo Whiley did ask him about his tattoos in an interview with Simon Neil and the rest of the band. He said that everyone has a few tattoos in the band but he has the most. He was 21 when he first had a tattoo but was addicted to tattoos straight away. He always uses the same tattoo artist and he has about 30 tattoos so far including one on his back that says "keep on dreaming boy cause when you stop dreaming it's time to die" and a gun on his hip and loads of art.

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