Senin, 20 Juni 2011

David Beckham’s Boy Get Tattoos

It was only a matter of time until David Beckham’s boys turned to tattoos. With a dad addicted to tattoos and boasting body art from head to toe, it’s not surprising to see that his boys now have an interest in tattoos.

Romeo Beckham was seen playing football with tattoos on his arm. I doubt that he’d be allowed to have real tattoos as he’s only eight but temporary tattoos are ok. So he was showing off some temporary tattoos on his left arm as he played football in Los Angeles. Romeo was seen with the coloured tattoos as he playing football with his brother Cruz, five, and father David.

The boys have already asked how old they need to be to get real tattoos. They’ll have to wait until they turn 18 and then they’ll have to make sure this is really what they want.

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