Kamis, 02 Juni 2011

Billie Piper reveals a new Fox Tattoo

Billie Piper has just revealed a new tattoo. The new tattoo is just three letters...F.O.X on her ring finger on her left hand. This is quite a surprise since she's admitted previously that she regrets her other fox tattoo on her arm. But they are both dedicated to her husband actor Laurence Fox so I guess she's not willing to let them go or have them removed or covered.

She revealed the latest tattoo last night during her appearance as support for David Tennant in his latest production: the theatre show Much Ado About Nothing.

Getting tattoos dedicated to her husband is certainly ok but she should really pay more attention to style and design. The first tattoo is just plain text saying Mr Fox and the date of the wedding and the second tattoo is again plain letter with no style. There are so many great tattoo artists in London, she could pick any of them to do a great cover up with nice letters and a great design. Tattoo is not just about the meaning, it's also about art and design.

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